Copenhagen star is a huge Red

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The word is that FC Copenhagen have several Manchester United fans in their ranks – but none bigger than forward Mohamed Daramy!

The 18-year-old Dane has been subjected to some light-hearted stick from his colleagues in the build-up to the Europa League quarter-final tonight (Monday).

With his support for the Reds well known as he sometimes wears our shirt to training, he also revealed his favourite player is Marcus Rashford.

“We have a lot of United fans in the squad so I don’t know if I’m the biggest,” Daramy told FCK TV, the official club video channel. “According to the manager, it’s me!

“But, yeah, I do like Manchester United a lot. I’m looking forward to facing them – playing against your favourite club and hopefully beating them. 

“It’s due to my older brother. He was a United fan and so I became a fan as well, when I started playing football. And I’ve been a fan ever since.

“Marcus Rashford [is my favourite] because I’ve been following him since his [Premier League] debut, when he scored against Arsenal and our guy [Guillermo] Varela got the assist. I’ve just been a fan of him since then.”

Kampdag! Han spiller med nummer 11 på ryggen i aften – men i rødt eller hvidt? 😉#fcklive

Although he may look to swap shirts with Rashford at the end of the tie, Daramy admits he does already have a United shirt with his own name on the back of it.

“It was actually a gift from my girlfriend so I’m very fond of it,” he said. “I don’t know yet [about swapping shirts] because there are a lot of us that will try to get the shirt, I’m sure. I’ll just wait until after the game and then they’ll have to come to me.”

There was some gentle teasing of the teenager in the official video released by Copenhagen as Jonas Wind commented: “He is crazy about them [United] and likes all their players. He has 10 United shirts and wears them to training.”

Nicolai Boilesen added: “I think he has a United shirt with ‘Daramy 11’ on the back. I saw him in it last summer, down at the waterfront in Copenhagen.”

And Stephan Andersen smiled: “He comes in wearing a United shirt very often. Perhaps he’ll be playing for them one day – but not Monday hopefully!”

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