Published: 09:41 BST, 23 May 2023 | Updated: 10:33 BST, 23 May 2023 Chelsea are preparing to step up interest in Gambia striker Adama Bojang following his explosive start to the FIFA U20 World Cup in Argentina. The 18-year old scored within 30 seconds of his country’s opening group stage game with Honduras on Monday then followed up with their crucial second goal in a 2-1 win. The 6ft 3ins forward lived up to his nickname of ‘the Gambian hurricane’ with a whirlwind display full of energy that impressed watching club scouts. Bojang was already on Chelsea’s radar following his performances in the AFCON U20 Championships where he was named in the team of the tournament after scoring four goals. He has been prolific for his club Steve Biko FC but would struggle to get a work permit in this country. Should Chelsea pursue a transfer, they plan to loan him out immediately. FT’ | The Gambia  2-1  Honduras Adama Bojang picked it up from where he stopped by scoring a brace to give The Gambia a bright star of their U20 World Cup campaign winning 2-1 against Honduras. The young Scoprions opened their tournament with a winning start having France… Chelsea have been exploring the possibility of investing in satellite clubs in Portugal and France to help with their ever-growing player roster as they continue to snap up young talents from across the globe. Other Premier League sides such as Crystal Palace, Brighton and Tottenham have also been following Bojang’s exploits but the main competition is understood to be from Sporting Lisbon, Inter Milan and Red Bull Salzburg. Bojang’s Gambia face France on Thursday who will be keen to get their tournament back on track after losing to South Korea in their opening game. Chelsea are continuing their policy to snap up the best young talents from across the globe
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