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According to information from Le Point magazine, a French researcher would have succeeded in penetrating the last two codes deemed indecipherable of the Zodiac killer, thus finding his identity. A suspect already known to the FBI, and who died in 2010 …

Developed using a particularly complex technique and composed of 340 different characters (to be deciphered using a very precise reading direction), the text of this letter, called Z 340, still did not reveal the identity of the killer as could be hoped. investigators, but was content to provoke his readers: “‘Hope you have a lot of fun trying to catch me. It was not me on the TV show. (…) I did not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradise faster, because I now have enough slaves to work for me “. The slaves being in this case the victims of this serial killer … The FBI, which reopened the investigation in the early 2000s, did not wish to comment on this discovery.

This is where the discoveries made by a French polytechnician named Fayçal Ziraoui come into play, the subject of a long and fascinating article published on the site of the magazine Le Point on February 17. By deciphering the last two cryptograms sent by the killer, the researcher claims to have unmasked the serial killer.

Frequenting sites specializing in cryptography, he discovers that of the four cryptograms sent by the killer, two are still waiting to be deciphered: the Z 32 and the Z 13, which some specialists consider as “indecipherable” because of their low number of characters. “It took me fifteen days to decode the last two cryptograms of the Zodiac. I think it’s good,” said the researcher to the magazine.

After calculations based on trigonometry, probabilities, with the reinforcement of semiology and geomagnetic fields, he pierces the first cryptogram, the Z 32. This is a code dated June 1970, and was attached to a letter in which the killer threatened to blow up a school bus the next year. A road map containing several topographical indices accompanied it. “I quickly understood that the four cryptograms were responding to each other and that the decoding of the Z 340, recently accomplished, would be necessary for me to end up on the Z 32. In fact, the cryptograms are impossible to resolve independently of each other” explains l ‘interested. “To overcome the last two cryptograms, I had to use unconventional resolution mechanisms and cut a code into 2, knowing that the Z 32 only used 10 digits for 20 converted letters this time.”

In Z 32, Fayçal Ziraoui discovers that the zodiac killer was planning to blow up a school, on the Labor Day holiday in 1970, which was near Lake Tahoe, located between California and Nevada. “It turns out that the suspect, whose name I will find in the other code (Z 13), lived very close to the targeted establishment,” he said. He thus manages to identify a name: a certain Lawrence Kayr. If the “r” of the last name seems to be an error, or a final maneuver of the killer to cover their tracks, this name does correspond to a suspect identified by the FBI, and who died in 2010.

The researcher rushed to send his findings to the San Francisco Police, who acknowledged receipt, as well as to the FBI. “I would like the FBI to follow this trail, because it is promising,” he told the reporter. But it’s a safe bet that, like the decryption of the Z 340 code, the FBI does not publicly comment on this fantastic discovery by Fayçal Ziraoui.

John Lee Hancock

Denzel Washington, Rami Malek

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