On the occasion of the release of his book Autodafés – The Art of Destroying Books (Éd. Les Presses de la Cité), Michel Onfray spoke at Sputnik’s microphone on new forms of censorship. The writer notably lent his support to Eric Zemmour, whose CSA requests the counting of speaking time: “There is a period when a character is a putative candidate and a moment when this character is a real candidate. You can’t argue with intent and say “he’ll probably be a candidate so let’s ban him now.” For Michel Onfray, Eric Zemmour admits to “doing ideology” on CNews, but “and what we believe that at France Inter they are not doing ideology? “.

On the issue of censorship, Michel Onfray judged that the situation of the public media was “worse than under General de Gaulle, because we are in voluntary servitude”. As for private channels, “as soon as you have a plurality, you make yourself vomit on it,” he said, referring to criticism that CNews regularly receives.

Michel Onfray denounces on the issue a “left-wing fascosphere” and journalists who describe works as “misogynistic, anti-Semitic, racist” because “no one is going to read a racist’s book”. And to take for example the film Bac Nord which he found “formidable” but deemed “fascist by Liberation” “A film that shows reality is a fascist film? This is the left-wing fascosphere. ” For the writer, these people “prefer misconceptions to true realities.”

Ref: https://www.valeursactuelles.com