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November 14, 2020 11:44 PM
By reporter staff

France advanced to the next round of the UEFA European Nations League after eliminating defending champions Portugal with a 1-0 victory on Saturday evening.. .

Pepe’s injury allowed Jose Fonte to make their first start in the Nations League, while Kylian Mbappe’s injury resulted in France favoring Anthony Martial at the top, alongside Antoine Griezmann and Kingsley Coman..

France could have taken the lead in the 10th minute when they put a Griezmann Martial through the net, but Portugal goalkeeper Roy Patricio rushed to narrow the corner..

Portugal escaped another big attack after half an hour had passed when Martial redirected a hemisphere from Adrien Rabiot to the wood after a free kick.. .

The Seleção started advancing forward until the end of the first half with a header from William Carvallo from a corner kick that passed through the far side of Hugo Lloris’s goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to improve his teammate’s effort after facing a corner kick in the center of the area in the last minute of the first half, but the attempt ended.

Les Blues seized control eight minutes into the second half when Patricio hit N’Golo Kante with a shot from close range..

Liverpool’s brilliant striker, Diogo Guetta, made his way on the field from the bench after 56 minutes in place of Carvalho. . This intro ignited new life in Selecao, who nearly scratched the level minutes later when Font nodded against the post near Silva’s teasing ball..

Joao Moutinho could have escorted the entire Seleção with a powerful blow the first time outside the area in the last 20 minutes, but Lloris made an amazing save with one hand.

Portugal sought a strong finish late as Ronaldo scored a disappointing character up front but France held out until the final whistle to secure top of the group.

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