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All official information and updates on COVID-19 can be found on the South African Ministry of Health website at www. Sacoronavirus. co. za

The founder of the humanitarian organization Gift of the Givers, Imtiaz Sooliman, says frontline workers are exhausted and struggling to cope with the influx of COVID-19 infections in the second wave.

We have now injured a million cumulative #COVID19 cases in South Africa. We must adhere to non-pharmaceutical interventions to prevent the virus from spreading further. picture. Twitter. com / GopO3bJZp8

He adds that his organization is paying attention to KwaZulu-Natal, where infections are increasing and oxygen seems to be scarce.

“In the second wave, it focused more on the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape and is now receiving a large number of calls in the KZN. Our support includes scrubs, non-contact thermometers, high flow oxygen machines and we are introducing a new machine. ”

“It’s for oxygen too. The CSIR has given us thousands of these machines. We started them and they work like a bomb and the doctors absolutely love it. These machines save lives and we are ready to introduce them to the KZN, ”explains Sooliman.

In the meantime, the South African Medical Association (SAMA) would like South Africa to be locked back to Level 2 with special restrictions on gatherings.

In the following video, Dr. Angelique Coetzee on the citizens’ lack of COVID-19 compliance:

This is because doctors and nurses say they cannot cope with the increasing number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.


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