Z Event 2021: when Antoine Daniel’s mother trolls him on WTC live

The stages fall quickly for Antoine Daniel during the Z Event 2021: he had to give his mother a quiz and it was a great moment.

He had said it: he had put in too many donations. And since the start of the Z Event 2021, this Friday at 6 p.m., Antoine Daniel has been going through the challenges. Once the 10,000 euros threshold has been crossed, the videographer had to call his mother for a quiz on himself. On the program, ten questions about his life, personal or professional, and the sum of 100 euros injected into the Z Event pot for each wrong answer. And when it came time to talk about What The Cut, Antoine Daniel’s mother was not lacking in humor.

Indeed, the videographer asked his mother to give him the number of episodes of his cult series posted on YouTube. And his mother to answer perfectly: “Including the one you are preparing?”. “LEAK!” Replied Antoine Daniel, amused by the idea of ​​being trolled live by his mother. While some Twitch members have taken his mother’s words at face value, it seems like he’s a pretty funny troll: Antoine Daniel’s mother surely knows full well that her community is in despair about her release.

He had also confided at length about the different phases he went through about this episode recently. In any case, we will have learned some additional information about Antoine, including his foot size (46) or his favorite dish (pasta with salmon). His mother, for her part, answered 5 answers correctly, forcing her son to donate 500 euros from his pocket to the Z Event 2021.

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