More fear than harm. Heavy rains on Tuesday affected several towns in Yvelines without causing personal injury, but causing significant damage. The most affected town is that of Houilles, where already saturated groundwater has overflowed onto the roadway.

A woman driving her Twingo entered under a bridge as the road was covered with several inches of water. She found herself stranded before being rescued by passers-by who got out of her vehicle while waiting for the fire department.

Several cellars and underground parking lots were also flooded. In total, the equivalent of 75 millimeters of water fell in an hour. The firefighters, who were called upon nearly 500 times, carried out 150 interventions during the day.

“In most cases, the water quickly came back down and they no longer needed to intervene,” says the Yvelines prefecture. 300 households were cut off from electricity, forcing the town hall to apply for rehousing for several families.

Also in Houilles, a nursery school was flooded with 40 centimeters of water on the ground floor. Sheltered, the children were not impacted. In the nearby town of Carrières-sur-Seine, it is the roof of a crèche that collapsed under the weight of the water in the absence of the children. The establishment will have to remain closed for some time to make repairs and check the stability of the rest of the roof.

Finally in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the rain got the better of a 25-meter-long portion of the surrounding wall of the Henri-IV Pavilion, which collapsed. The fall took place on a deserted pedestrian lane, causing no damage to the roadway.