“Even if he reminds me, I won’t go. As long as he’s manager, he’s dead. ” Asked Tuesday by So Foot about his participation in the national team, Moroccan international Younès Belhanda did not mince words when discussing his dispute with national coach Vahid HalilhodžiÄ ??.

“There was a break, he did not respect me while my sporting performance at club was good,” said Turkish club midfielder Adana Demirspor. “Plus, I did 12 years in the national team, I’ve been there from the start. I’m not a recycled guy who, for example, chooses Spain first, then Morocco. I could have chosen France and I didn’t do it out of love for this country, ”he said. “I’m a real person, I’ve made the worst trips ever. When it came to going to the Central African Republic or the Gambia, I was there. “

Younès Belhanda thus revealed the reasons for this dispute, recalling having been summoned in 2019 by the coach of the Atlas Lions. “I had back pain and had an MRI which confirmed my injury. We discussed it as soon as he arrived, he asked me to take good care of myself, and it went well, “he recalls. At the time, “a physiotherapist who had been with the Moroccan selection for twenty years was relegated to the youth teams because, supposedly, he would be too close to the players and he should be careful”, which will motivate the Moroccan international to speak to the national coach.

“My problem is, I always want to be vigilante for others, while no one else is for me. So I went to see Vahid to tell him that it was not right to release the physiotherapist in this way, he’s been in the national team for 20 years, “he said. Vahid HalilhodžiÄ ?? He allegedly told him “that his decision was made and that he was going to replace him.” “For me, it was this stance that cost me my place,” concluded the Morocco international.

Ref: https://www.yabiladi.com