For several days, the automobile company Citroën and the Egyptian star singer Amr Diab have been at the heart of a controversy: accused of promoting the harassment of women in the Arab country most affected by this scourge, they have decided to withdraw from the networks a advertising clip. In a video spot, the 60-year-old singer, who has been the author of the summer hit for decades throughout the Arab world for decades, takes a picture of a passerby using a camera installed in his rearview mirror.

In this scene, it is clear that this woman did not give her consent, which does not prevent the singer from smiling while looking at the snapshot he just stole. And then invite the woman to join him for a drive.

Immediately, social networks took over the scene for a few seconds, in a country where according to the Arab Barometer around 90% of women between 18 and 39 years old said they had been harassed in 2019.

“Photographing a woman without her consent is creepy. You encourage sexual harassment,” wrote for example to the address of the French company, women’s rights activist Reem Abdellatif on Twitter.

“We were informed that a scene (…) had been perceived as not appropriate,” she writes. “We have decided to remove this version from the publicity (…) and we offer our sincere apologies to all the offended communities.”

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