The 25/11/2021
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Thursday, November 25, Elie Semoun and Max Boublil were the guests of the Big Heads on RTL. The comedian revealed that the comedian had simply … flirted with his wife by messages on social networks.

For Max Boublil, confinement was not easy. The 42-year-old comedian was indeed locked up with his two young daughters, and as many parents lived a little closer to hell during those many weeks locked up: “I discovered children I didn’t know. I have fathered two little monsters “he confided in May 2020 on Europe 1. Fortunately, he has been able to count on the support of his partner for more than 15 years, a fashion journalist by the name of Virginie Benarroch. “My wife is beautiful. She is athletic and not at all showbiz. She is a fashion journalist. She does not hesitate to yell at me when she finds me very badly dressed”, he confided in 2015 in the columns of Paris Match .

Maybe not showbiz, but obviously related to some celebrities. Thursday, November 25, Max Boublil was indeed the guest of Big Heads alongside the comedian Elie Semoun. The opportunity to reveal that the latter had … made advances to his wife: “Yet you dredged my wife” he replied when Elie Semoun joked about the fact that he did not know him .

A statement that made Laurent Ruquier’s set burst into laughter, but that Max Boublil perfectly assumed: “You must already know that Mr. Elie here is a bitch. What happened is that once, we had quarreled with my wife. Elie learned about it and he sent her messages on Instagram “affirms the actor. Not shocked by these accusations, the principal concerned replied that his wife was “very pretty”. And there is cause for concern since the comedian also claimed to have recently become single: “I’m a flirty again. I have been single for a week,” he revealed. Back in business (at heart) at 58 years old, Elie Semoun obviously intends to let it be known.

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