The host of the C8 talk show could not bear his columnist expressing a strong opinion for the closure of all slaughterhouses in France, at the risk of putting thousands of people out of work.

Thursday evening, Cyril Hanouna received in “Touche pas à mon poste!” Thomas Saïdi, member of L214, the association for the fight against animal abuse, which for several weeks infiltrated a slaughterhouse in Saône-et-Loire. The activist managed to get a job to integrate the premises, film on a discreet camera what is happening there and denounce the practices of this company. “Is there an urgent need to close the slaughterhouses?” was the issue raised in the show and, to this question, Gilles Verdez took a “yes” position.

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“We must close the slaughterhouses,” said the columnist before being picked up by an immediately annoyed Cyril Hanouna. “How many people are you going to put out of work?” Stop being demagogic like that, it’s unbearable, you don’t think about the people who work there, stop a bit, “the host said. “You are quiet here, you put your ass on the chair, you are happy to work and a lot of people also need to work so stop talking bullshit. It annoys me, it drives me crazy. Are you here, warm, you have a salary every month and you are going to put thousands of people out of work? ”

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On Twitter, many viewers were astonished at Cyril Hanouna’s aggressiveness towards a columnist who frequently expresses minority and contradictory opinions during “Touche pas à mon poste” debates. “I feel sorry for Gilles Verdez, the way Cyril talks to him is just hyper aggressive and humiliating,” wrote one internet user on Thursday evening. Others felt that the host was right to intervene so voluntarily. Gilles Verdez defended himself by declaring that the “slaughterhouse plans” put in place in recent years “are not working” and “nothing has changed” in relation to the alleged abuses. “If you want to continue, Cyril, seeing images like that (of animal suffering, editor’s note), then let’s do nothing,” he said.

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Arguments that did not calm Cyril Hanouna, on the contrary. “We must defend the animals but we must also defend the humans,” continued the host. “You’re not going to put hundreds of thousands of people out of work, you say bullshit, it drives me crazy for guys like you.” You’re off the mark every time. ” The last part of “Touche pas à mon poste” gathered 1.3 million viewers on average (5.9% of PDA) according to Médiamétrie and was the leader of the talk shows in front of “Quotidien” (in best of this week on TMC ) and “C à vous” on France 5.