Big anger in L’Heure des pros this Monday, October 25. Faced with her male colleagues and interrupted several times, Elisabeth Lévy gave a rant.

Ironically, the theme addressed was that of “contempt for women” in politics, while the L’Heure des pros team evoked a duel between Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. Because, for several months, this one lets speak the media which evoke a potential candidacy for the presidential election of 2022. Hypothesis that the head of the National Gathering is far from taking lightly. This Monday, October 25, Elisabeth Lévy was pushed to her limits when she tried to speak out on this subject, interrupted several times by her male colleagues. Exasperated, the columnist banged her fist on the table (literally) after a final interruption signed Gérard Leclerc.

“Can I finish, or not?” She shouted at first. His colleague, he was content to gently answer in the affirmative, his face sporting a tight smile and a look testifying to his embarrassment. “But that’s not possible! On this set, I can’t express myself. I’m sick of it!” Fortunately, Pascal Praud was there to relax the atmosphere and gave the floor to Elisabeth Lévy. The height? The columnist affirmed that the place of women, in society but also and in particular in the political sphere, was far from being threatened.

She is well known for her controversial positions. In April 2021, Elisabeth Lévy used an expression that made many members of the public jump when she was facing Sonia Mabrouk on CNews: “head of Arab.” Invited to speak in Touche Pas à Mon Poste, she persisted and signed shamelessly. “No, I don’t feel like I’ve slipped at all. I find this controversy very interesting, because it reveals a lot about anti-racism.” She is therefore used to slipping.

In reality, she wants to talk all the time and, does not let others’ point of view! She is constantly in a “victim” position, she has to say to herself, it’s normal, I am the only “good woman” on the set, must be fired quickly, quickly …

Well done she was right. It’s maddening to see that she has to tap the point to be able to express her point of view that deserves reflection.

A disturbing journalist, full of common sense, isolated among misogynists, phallocrats, reactionaries, she has a lot of courage to continue to want to be heard …

I love this journalist who doesn’t have his tongue in his pocket and always intervenes wisely … which apparently bothers. As for these gentlemen that they stop monopolizing the word especially, for some, to say con …. ries

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