Tonight the Yankees and Red Sox face off in a knockout game. The winner will be allowed to face the Rays and the loser will leave Fenway Park to go home.

Pascal Harvey: Red Sox. They will put on their work boots and defeat their eternal rivals before hitting the road to Tampa Bay.

Maxime Trudeau: Red Sox. Home advantage will make all the difference in a game full of twists and turns.

Pierre-Olivier Poulin: Yankees. The Red Sox are impossible to predict and have been anything but stable since the All-Star Game.

Sébastien Berrouard: Yankees. Gerrit Cole and the relief paddock will make the difference against a team that lacks experience.

Damien Bourlet: Red Sox. The Red Sox will have a better pitching staff that day.

Jean-François Rivard: Yankees. The confidence gained by the Yankees in last week’s sweep against the Red Sox will be enough to defeat them on Tuesday.

Raphael Simard: Red Sox. The Sox offense has woken up against the Nationals and Gerrit Cole does not have a good end to the season

Sébastien Tabary: Red Sox. The Red Sox at Fenway, pushed by their fans, will end the Yankees’ season.

He will, however, be eligible to return against Tampa Bay if he wins tonight.

Daniel Birru: Yankees. They will take advantage of their momentum at the end of the campaign to snatch victory from their eternal rivals.

Antoine Desrosiers: Yankees. The Yankees are enjoying a better streak right now and with Gerrit Cole on the mound, they can advance to the series against Tampa Bay.

Charles-Alexis Brisebois: Yankees. Gerrit Cole will make the difference, but I have a feeling it will be tight.

Nine of our 14 columnists see the Yankees winning tonight against the Red Sox, who won the vote of five columnists. What is your point of view?

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