The League and the Federation have reached an agreement to allow players without matches on the Summer Tour to play on the first day of the championship.

Initially, the 42 players summoned were to take five weeks off following the Tour in Australia and could not play again in the league until the second day and the weekend of September 11. At the insistence of the clubs, a new arrangement was found.

On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of the FFR and the Steering Committee of the LNR agreed on an amendment for the nine players who did not play in Australia. As South West indicated a few days ago, players not used in Australia will be able to start the championship on September 4th. The players concerned remain in the obligation to take their five weeks of rest but not immediately.

This summer, these players are only taking four weeks off and will take their last seven days before November 28. This amendment concerns the three players of Clermont Etienne Fourcade, Tani Vili and Alivereti Raka, the player of the UBB Romain Buros, the Toulonnais Gervais Cordin, the Castresian Florent Vanverberghe, the player of the LOU Patrick Sobela and the player of the Section Paloise Clovis Lease. The Stade Français opening half Joris Segonds, also concerned, tells us about his first steps in Blue.

The nine players who have not played in Asutralia with the XV of France will be able to start the championship. This concerns Etienne Fourcade, Tani Vili and Alivereti Raka, Romain Buros, Gervais Cordin, Patrick Sobela, Clovis Le Bail, Joris Segonds and Florent Vanverberghe.

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