Update at 10:06 p.m .: Xbox support teams have indicated on their Twitter account that the problem has been escalated and that the teams are currently working to resolve it. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any news!

We are aware that users may not be able to sign-in to Xbox Live at this time. Our teams are currently investigating to fix this issue. We will update here and on https://t.co/PzAdjUFMJj when we have more information to share!

Original article: Once, it seems that Microsoft’s servers are having some problems on the Xbox Live side. What impact? Group of friends and services related to online games may be inaccessible.

Many of you are reporting problems connecting with a group of friends or playing online on your Xbox tonight. If you are too, then you are not alone in not being able to log in tonight. Usually Xbox Support is quick enough to resolve this kind of issue, but as of yet no official tweet has been posted.

Unfortunately, when the concern is with Microsoft’s servers, there is not much you can do except wait. On the other hand, people already in a group of friends or partly online are sometimes not affected. So be careful not to quit your current activities otherwise you will not be able to resume them as long as the technical problems are ongoing.

While waiting to be able to play properly on your Xbox, you can in any case join the Redwore stream, currently live on the XboxSquad Youtube channel! 😉

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