Like every month, Microsoft is offering four games to Xbox Live Gold members. Here is the list of games for December 2021!

The very first game this December 2021 is The Escapist 2. Released in 2017, The Escapsists 2 is a management and simulation game. As the sound suggests, you play as a prisoner whose goal is to escape from prison. As a result, you have to create your own character, form your own team with three other players and “imagine the craziest escapes”. Or try to be the first to escape. With a dozen or so prisons from which to escape, The Escapists 2 is a retro 8-bit game that will offer great moments of play. Between prison routine and the development of a plan escape, this game will be available from December 1 to 31!

Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition lets you manage your own dictatorship. Indeed, with this much appreciated episode of the Tropico license, you have to manage a banana republic and make your island prosper. Even if it means exploiting the inhabitants of your island, suppressing the opponents of your tyranny, etc. In addition, the multitude of decrees that you will have to write will have an impact on your game, and may alienate certain inhabitants. If the pitch remains basic, Tropico 5 – Penultimate Edition contains The Big Cheese and Hostile Takeover expansions which give the game a more than interesting lifespan since you can install your dictatorship from the colonial era until ‘in the 21st century. But the game also features new challenges, and “mechanics of advanced commerce, scientific and technological research, and exploration.” Available from December 16, 2021 to January 15, 2022.

About ten years ago the first opus of Orcs Must Die came out! on Xbox 360. Thus, Xbox with Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have the opportunity to (re) play this medieval Tower Defense. The goal is therefore extremely simple: defend, alone, a dungeon attacked by an army of orcs. You play as a mage endowed with weapons, able to set a whole bunch of traps, cast spells, etc. You will need to show your ingenuity and set up a relentless, even devious defense … Orcs Must Die! is a little gem with an equally enjoyable soundtrack. Available from December 1st to December 15th.

The last game of this December is none other than Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. With its Metroid tunes, this 2D action adventure game has won over many gamers. Indeed, you will have to progress in unique environments, sometimes full of colors, sometimes dark, face strange creatures, solve puzzles, use alien technology, etc. While exploring the famous Shadow Planet. However, allow 6 to 8 hours of play time, which might be a little short for some players … Available December 16 to 31.

Of course, Microsoft is not forgetting Xbox Game Pass subscribers and announces some of the games available through this subscription. A list that should grow over the next few days, but already has some great games! Here is the list of games already announced for this end of the year:

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