Every now and then we see something interesting with an engineer working behind the scenes at some of the largest tech companies in the world. This is a perfect example of that. A gamer named Gabriel Roland took to Twitter and found that Xbox was making its Pac-Man ghost avatar smaller and smaller with every generation. Roland said he bought the Gamerpic in 2006 for 80 Xbox points and vowed to use it forever.

As you can see in the picture above, his Pac-Man spirit is very small and surrounded by a massive gray circle. An Xbox engineering lead named Eden Marie saw the post and made it their personal responsibility to correct the problem. The first step was to buy the Pac-Man avatar again for $ 2.38. Marie described much of the process required to do something that may seem simple at first.

The process involved several steps, as there are many different ways to view Xbox Gamerpics. It seems that many different pages require individual corrections in order for the gamerpic to display correctly everywhere. Marie found that changes had been made in the past and some pages were damaged as a result.

Fortunately, some of the broken pages were easy to fix. The engineer found that most 360 gamer pictures were designed to be displayed as a square and did not respond well to being cut as a circle. The process was a lot of work just to increase a user’s gamerpic.

Listen, I can’t make any promises, but I’ll make it my personal mission to fix this https://t.co/o1zYjBBHSd

Ultimately, Roland was very happy and discovered that he had been in game QA for over a decade and had never seen a bug fix so quickly. Marie noticed it helped that Roland’s bug report tweet made her laugh. With the fixes being made overall, and not just to Roland’s account, anyone else with a tiny gamerpic will likely benefit too.

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