– Tonight it’s WWE RAW, the red show starts with the commentators welcoming us. Big E’s music begins and he arrives in the ring with his Money in the Bank briefcase! Big E poses in front of the fans. Randy Orton’s music begins and he arrives with Riddle. Bobby Lashley’s music begins and he arrives with MVP. Big E says he still intends to cash his briefcase tonight, if there’s any confusion.

Riddle says it’s cool to see Big E again on RAW, but he has to do him a favor and can’t cash his contract on Randy, his best bro. MVP says Big E is not going to cash on Randy because Randy is not going to win the WWE Championship tonight. MVP says Big E picked the wrong night to come to RAW. Normally he’s happy to see Big E dancing and giggling like an idiot, but tonight he’s not in the mood to laugh. He and Lashley were set to fight for the RAW tag team titles after last week’s Turmoil Match, but Randy used his powers to move the scheduled Extreme Rules match to tonight. Randy says it has been 14 long years since he and Lashley fought in the ring, why wait two more weeks. The only way to surprise Lashley was to change the date. He went to the right person and his request was answered positively.

Big E says he can’t wait to see this. The crowd sings “Randy”. MVP says fans have already forgotten about the clown with the briefcase. MVP says he believed it was the right time for Big E to rise. He did it by winning the briefcase, but now he’s running away from SmackDown and coming to RAW. Maybe because he’s afraid of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar? MVP says when Big E goes to see what Lashley does to Randy, he’ll be even more scared. Randy says he’ll need just one RKO to bring down the almighty Lashley. That’s what he’s going to do tonight by becoming the new WWE Champion. Big E says he can cash in on Randy and become the new champion. Lashley says enough is enough. Tonight he will enjoy beating Randy’s weak body. And if Big E comes close with his contract, he’s going to stick her so deep in the ass that he can taste it. Big E shows his briefcase, but Lashley swings it down the ring. Randy surprises Lashley with an RKO!

– Back after the break, we present a video of Baszler’s betrayal of Nia Jax last Monday.

– Behind the scenes, Sarah asks Charlotte Flair how she felt before the match. Charlotte says Baszler dreams of the title like everyone else. Baszler and Jax keep each other from reaching the top. She was champion alone. Charlotte says she’s the best in every way. The title will be hers, the ring is her throne, her reign will live on forever.

– Earlier today backstage, Shayna Baszler told Nia Jax that she did the same thing Jax did to her. She knows Jax can’t beat Charlotte, she does.

– Back, it is announced that the WWE Draft will take place on October 1 on SmackDown and will end on October 4 on RAW.

During the fight, Charlotte Moonsault on Baszler at the bottom of the ring and Nia Jax arrives in ringside to watch.

At the end of the fight, Baszler knees Charlotte and Nia climbs onto the apron to distract her. Charlotte takes the opportunity to do a Big Boot to Baszler and make him a count of three.

– After the fight, Alexa Bliss’ music starts and she arrives in the ring with Lilly and a gift. Bliss says she knows Charlotte is very busy with her queen thing, but she wanted to give her a gift to thank her for accepting the match at Extreme Rules. Charlotte says Bliss doesn’t know her tastes. She does not collect dolls, but titles. There comes a time when girls have to leave their dolls at home. Bliss says everyone loves a nice gift, she has to take it. Charlotte answers no. Bliss answers yes. Charlotte finally accepts and opens the gift which contains a doll bearing the image of Charlotte. Bliss says her name is Charly and it almost sounds like Lilly. The crowd sings “Charly”. Bliss says they wanted to give her something to play after Extreme Rules when she takes her title from him. Everyone deserves a friend and even a narcissistic bitch like Charlotte. Charlotte says she agrees, she appreciates that the doll has the same outfit as her. But Bliss is crazy if she thinks she can take her title away from him. In the meantime she will send her real Mattel figurine to Bliss and the queen will live a long time. Charlotte swings the doll right in front of Bliss and the confrontation breaks out. Bliss makes her a Canadian Destroyer to get her out of the ring.

At the end of the fight, McIntyre does his Claymore Kick on Shanky for the count of three after throwing the other two out of the ring.

– Behind the scenes, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods arrest Big E. Woods says they missed Big E. Big E deserves this evening. Big E says tonight is THE night out, plus in Kofi’s hometown. Big E asks if Kofi has any advice. Kofi says Big E has what it takes to be the face of WWE. He doesn’t need her advice. Woods says Big E looks a little tense, they need to relax him. The trio start to sing they want New Day.

– Priest arrives in the ring for his Open Challenge which was accepted by Jeff Hardy earlier today.

– Back, behind the scenes, 24/7 champion Reggie is chased by R-Truth, Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa. Reggie manages to escape between trucks. Drake Maverick arrives and Truth says his plan hasn’t worked. Maverick says the problem wasn’t the plan, but the execution. Truth and Tozawa blame each other.

At the end of the fight, Jeff makes a quick count on Priest, but he resists. Jeff wants to follow up with his finisher, but Priest knocks him down with his Reckoning for the count of three.

– After the fight, Sheamus attacks Priest directly in the ring to beat him up. Jeff gets up, but Sheamus gives him a Brogue Kick to take him out. Sheamus launches for a Brogue Kick at Priest, but Priest blocks him with a kick to get him out of the ring.

– Behind the scenes, Nikki ASH is with Rhea Ripley. Nikki says after their victory last Monday they should have a celebration. Ripley says now is not the time, she needs to focus on her game against Natalya and they should be thinking about the tag team titles. Natalya and Tamina arrive. Natalya tells Nikki not to listen to Ripley. The two weird girls that they are will never have the titles. Ripley says Natalya and Tamina should start to get used to being named “former champions” after last Monday. Natalya says they have always dominated and will continue. Nikki says she can’t wait to show what she can do. Tamina says she’s almost scared. The battle breaks out, the officials separate the four. Sonya Deville says we’ll also have Tamina vs. Nikki tonight to sort this out.

– Behind the scenes, we find Randy Orton and Riddle. Riddle says he doesn’t understand how Orton will be able to wear his two belts. Will he have the WWE title ahead of the tag team despite the sentimental aspect? Randy Orton says nothing and puts on his headphones. Riddle says it’s a problem they’ll sort out later. Tonight Orton needs to focus on his game and he will be there to support him. Big E goes behind, saying he got the wrong locker room. He also wants to wish Orton good luck. He will watch the fight very, very closely! Riddle starts talking to himself again.

At the end of the fight, Nikki surprises Tamina with a Tornado DDT and gives her a count of three.

– After the fight, it is confusion as the announcer gives the victory to Tamina by mistake with her theme song which is played. Tamina gets up and hits Nikki. Natalya hits Ripley in the back as Tamina slams Nikki against the barricade.

At the end of the fight, Ripley wants to make his finisher, but Tamina climbs on the apron. Nikki ASH comes back and pulls Natalya to the ground to help her friend! Ripley does a Baseball Slide at Tamina. Natalya surprises Ripley with a Roll Up with her feet on a cable, but Nikki pushes Natalya away. Ripley goes with his Cloverleaf to bang Natalya

– Back, backstage, Sarah stops Charlotte to find out why Alexa Bliss gave her a doll. Charlotte says she doesn’t know why the sociopath gave her this gift. The only gift Alexa Bliss will have will be a beating and destruction of Lilly. Charlotte throws the Charly doll in the garbage.

At the end of the fight, the entire Kingston team jumps on Omos, but Omos kicks everyone out of the ring. Omos continues with his ChokeSlam on Ali on behalf of three.

– Behind the scenes, Kevin asks Bobby Lashley if Big E is a distraction. MVP says no. MVP says Lashley is going to remain the champion no matter the cost. Randy Orton will be added to the list of people who tried to beat Lashley. Kofi, McIntyre and even Goldberg. If Big E wants to cash in his briefcase and add his name, that would be a big mistake. Tonight it’s Lashley who will be the champion. Big E walks in and says he 100% intends to cash in tonight.

At the end of the fight, Doudrop wants to do a Slam, but Eva Li puts her fingers in her eyes. Eva wants to do a Roll Up, but Doudrop doesn’t fall. Doudrop does a Senton and continues with his Cross Body for the count of three.

– Behind the scenes, we find Karrion Kross. Kross introduces himself, but says we already know him. Deep down we don’t know who we are. On the other hand, we know who we would like to be, but no one finds his true nature before suffering or inflicting suffering. Now his list on RAW continues to grow. It’s up to us to tell him if he liked to strangle his opponents. If it’s his plan, if it’s the only thing he knows. There’s one thing for sure, he’s gonna hurt everyone until he gets what he wants. He’s not here to get lost. Each week it will move like the clock. Everyone will fall down and pray.

– Back, it is announced that Nia Jax will face Shayna Baszler next week on RAW.

At the end of the fight, Orton goes for his RKO, but Lashley pushes him back and spears him to cover him, but Orton resists two! Lashley is furious and wants to apply a Hurt Lock to him, but Orton pushes him away and RKOs him. MVP shoots Lashley on the apron to save him. Riddle is not happy and starts yelling at MVP. Orton took the opportunity to surprise MVP with an RKO at the bottom of the ring. Orton returns to the ring, but Lashley spears him for the count of three.

– After the fight, Lashley celebrates his victory and decides to attack Riddle. Lashley charges him headfirst against the corner. Lashley followed up with a Spinebuster across the commentary table at Orton, but he hurt his knee at the same time. Big E’s music begins and he arrives with his briefcase. Lashley signals that he cannot with his knee, the referee starts the match anyway!

The fight begins and Big E attacks Lashley’s knee. Big E takes him for his finisher, but Lashley pushes him away and spears him to cover him, but Big E resists two! Lashley takes him for his Dominator, but Big E pushes him away and Big Ending him to cover him for the win!

– After the fight, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods arrive in the ring to celebrate with their friend. The show ends with a New Day celebration under the pyros and a very happy audience.

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