September 5, 2021, Willy Zinck

if (typeof __ez_fad_position! = ‘undefined’) {__ ez_fad_position (‘div-gpt-ad-paddock_gp_com-box-3-0’)}; The French driver was the fastest in the warm-up this morning at Magny-Cours, ahead of Manuel Gonzalez and Randy Krummenacher. Dominique Aegerter and Steven Odendaal are not out of the woods.

Shortly after their Superbike buddies, the Supersport riders also went there for their last quarter of an hour of driving before Race 2, which will take place this noon at Magny-Cours.

Winner yesterday, Dominique Aegerter did not come out of the woods during this final session, preferring to leave the front of the stage to other pilots, who distinguished themselves like Manuel Gonzalez and Jules Cluzel, who have immediately took control of the session.

Can Öncü also proved to his advantage as he moved into the top three, before slipping late in the session, with a thankfully minor crash after losing the front end of his machine. The Turk was subsequently dismissed from his positions by various pilots, such as Randy Krummenacher, Niki Tuuli or even Federico Caricasulo.

But where are the two championship leaders, Dominique Aegerter and Steven Odendaal? They both remained low-key during this session, with the Swiss settling for eighth place under the checkered flag, while the South African seemed to fall back into his early weekend failings by failing to do better. only 14th place.