Despite the blurry images, the establishment has been recognized and the leaders are facing a heavy penalty.

As in Belgium, cafeterias and restaurateurs continue to serve customers despite restrictive measures linked to the spread of the coronavirus.

In the program “Seven to Eight”, the managers of a bar in Saint-Malo anonymously state that they continue to offer beer and rosé to loyal customers who have entered discreetly through the door. a building. In footage aired on the private channel, several people can be seen leaning against the bar and drinking and laughing as if nothing had happened.

During the reporting, the manager makes sure he is in case he is ready for an inspection: “If it hits hard enough, we’ll know it’s a patrol. People come out of the room. As soon as you get into the stairwell, you go to my place up there, “he said.

Apart from the fact that, despite efforts to hide the bar and despite the vagueness of production, the establishment was identified and the two managers were summoned … by the police.

The bar was of course closed and officers were initially fined 135 euros, but expect a heavier sentence in the coming months.

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