In the first three games between the Norwegian world champion and his Russian challenger, the opponents surrendered blow for blow in high level theoretical duels.

Despite three very high level theoretical battles, the reigning champion and favorite of the world chess championship Magnus Carlsen could not do better than three consecutive draws against his challenger the great Russian master Ian Nepomniachtchi. The Norwegian will therefore not have been able to break the Indian sign which has prevented him, for three games now (against Sergei Karjakin, then against Fabiano Caruana) from showing the indisputable superiority that he displays throughout the year on the world circuit.

Playing all the odds, Magnus Carlsen showed initiative in these opening games against a Nepomniachtchi, who showed that he knew how to remain fearless and solid, even in adversity, and could forget about his usual impotence.

The specialists will have noticed that the two champions had to do a lot of laboratory work since they used two openings among the most respectable, the Spanish side, or Ruy Lopez, and the Catalan opening.

For the anecdote, the spectators on the Web or on the spot in the United Arab Emirates will have noted the annoyance of Magnus Carlsen, who at the express request of the referee at the end of the third part, has to submit to an anti-doping control. Science, art or sport, the International Chess Federation (Fide) has decided definitively: chess is considered a sport of honor. It goes without saying that the Norwegian test turned out to be negative.

It is now a question of knowing what will be the state of mind of the two protagonists for the eleven classic games that remain to be played. The former Indian world champion Vishy Anand, undisputed expert in this kind of mano a mano chiqué en and official commentator of the match, has his little idea on the question: “For now these three draws gave confidence to the Nepomniachtchi. But objectively, for the moment, everything is more or less normal. Now the question is: who will be the first to win? And then we can see who took the psychological advantage, if any. “

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