The NRL has announced that the Ampol women’s state of origin will be held at the Sunshine Coast Stadium on Friday June 25th.

Sunshine Coast City Councilor Peter Cox said the Sunshine Coast Council looks forward to To partner again with NRL and Tourism Events Queensland in 2021 to host the event for the second time in two years.

“The Sunshine Coast was thrilled to host the first state women’s game in Queensland, held in Queensland last year With the Maroons’ exciting win in this game, we are confident it will sell out again, “said Cox.

” We anticipate this event will be an attraction for football supporters from across Queensland and the Interstate, which will give a significant boost to the local economy from the airport to accommodation and will encourage hospitality and attraction.

“We also want the Sunshine Coast is the epicenter of elite women’s sport and it’s great that on Friday night we can present the battle for the women’s state of origin and our incredibly successful Sunshine Coast Lightning netball team, where the magpies play, home the next day ” he said.

Andrew Abdo, CEO of NRL, said the Sunshine Coast deserved to host the event after the success of 2020.

“Women’s ancestry is one of the highlights of our calendar, and so are we excited to see him return to the Sunshine Coast, “said Abdo.

” We look forward to giving the Sunshine Coast community the opportunity to fill the Sunshine Coast Stadium this year.

“The women’s rugby league is the fastest growing part of our game. This year we will make history with two trainers. This is a great recognition of talent within our female ranks, “he said.

The event will take place just hours after the 2021 Women in Sport Summit concludes at USC Stadium on the Sunshine Coast, co-sponsored by the Department of Sports with the Sunshine Coast Council.

The Australian Commission on Human Rights (AHRC) will publish an independent report on the practices of

The Department of Sport, in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Council, announced the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and Australia

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