In Charente-Maritime, in the village of Bignay, a 25-year-old young woman was kidnapped and abused for three years by her mother and sister. While the victim was able to escape his tormentors at the end of August, it is now time for questions. Alain, who lives 60 meters from the house in which she was held, claims to have, with at least two other people, alerted the gendarmes.

Almost a year ago, elected officials and neighbors got together and alerted the authorities because they heard screams coming from the house. They want to take action and not miss potentially serious facts. “We did what was necessary with the gendarmerie in October”, explains Francis Brunet, deputy mayor, “the town wrote a letter, filed a handrail with all the neighbors”. “Once we have done that, we are powerless, it is very complicated to manage”, continues the elected official.

Social services will also alert the Saintes prosecutor’s office. Following the reports, the gendarmes reportedly went to the home of the three women on several occasions. No one would have opened the door to them, no cries or concrete, flagrant elements that would have justified pushing down the door with a shoulder as they passed. It was therefore necessary to wait for the escape of the young woman to put an end to this ordeal.

The investigation, now conducted by an examining magistrate, could shed light on possible breaches. The two women, the mother and the sister, were imprisoned and charged with criminal forcible confinement.

Disappearance – The national tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo will be held this Thursday, September 9 at the Invalides from 4.30 p.m. Only 1,000 anonymous will be able to attend, alongside official and artistic personalities and the Macron couple.

Justice – The former Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn is summoned to the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) in Paris on Friday September 10 with a view to a possible indictment, as part of the management of the epidemic of coronavirus.

Politics – Benoît Hamon announced Thursday, September 9, his withdrawal from political life. The former socialist candidate will now devote himself to humanitarian action by taking over the general management of SINGA, an international NGO helping migrants and climate refugees.

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