“The request is simple: only – no more and no less – to enforce the law. Never in my life would I have thought to have such an insane claim, to have to fight like a dog night and day against a minister to enforce the law ”, plague Gaetan Casanova, president of the national inter-union of interns who called for the strike and the demonstration on June 18 and 19, to obtain respect for working time. What does the law say about this? “It’s crystal clear,” he comments: the maximum weekly working time for medical interns, like any other worker, is 48 hours, “et basta”.

Together, let’s mobilize to protect our #MentalHealth, to defend and enforce our #rights, to protect future generations and especially our #patients pic.twitter.com/mcUGaSws53

However, we are far from this legal framework today, because according to a working time survey carried out by Isni in 2020 – i.e. pre-Covid-19 crisis, the situation must not have improved since – , the weekly average would actually be 58.4 h … In 7 specialties, it would exceed 80 h, as in neurosurgery. And yet, in one of his speeches during the epidemic, President Emmanuel Macron called for an “extra effort” “from caregivers first”. To do more. “The problem is that we are not in the ‘more’, we are in the ‘too much'”, thunders the trade unionist. For him then, this is the last straw, especially as the profession has faced several intern suicides since the beginning of the year. He is thinking of a mobilization, centered on burnout.

This question is one of the three big subjects monitored by Isni, along with those of harassment and violence and the rigidity of courses, as part of its #ProtegeTonInterne movement, launched in March to raise awareness of the evil- be interns. For the union, “the first violence is that of working time”. Because working too much “is to transform a hospital that heals into a hospital that kills”. Who kills caregivers, via burnouts, strokes, suicides, road accidents …, lists Isni, studies in support. But also patients, “by promoting medical errors”. “At the end of the call, we can’t make subject-verb-complement sentences. How can we imagine that we can treat patients properly? The reality is – studies prove it – that when you are tired, “spoiler alert”: we do bullshit, that is to say that we will eventually create complications and, sometimes, in extreme cases. , it can literally kill people ”.

In order to protect the health of caregivers and patients, Isni is requesting a count of the working time of interns in France. Because in order to be able to comply with the 48 hours per week set by law, there must still be a way to control. “Today we are counted in half-days, except that the half-days are not limited. They can be 4 hours, 12 hours… Everyone has their own interpretation, ”laments the union representative.

Problem: So far, the ministry has ignored the inter-union arguments on this matter, according to its chairman. Olivier Véran, although a former representative of Isni, would refuse …

Okay, not okay?

Discuss it with your colleagues.

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