William at noon extends the fun on C8 with a fifth season to be discovered on Monday, August 30, 2021 at midday. William Leymergie stabilizes his teams without any recruits.

On borrowed time from its inception, William at noon is gradually settling in the audiovisual landscape as William Leymergie returns to the start of the school year for a fifth season starting Monday, August 30, 2021 on C8.

Present since his departure from Télématin, whose host Laurent Bignolas has just been replaced, the 74-year-old Girondin has come to find stability.

Since the 2020/2021 financial year, the consumer program has to deal with a reference in the matter since in the previous box, Julien Courbet and his experts are in action on M6 in It can happen to you to defend the French. While the private channel’s record is satisfactory, it has not disengaged viewers from following health, legal, nutrition or even gastronomic columns.

Stability is essential during the mid-day with the presence of Caroline Ithurbide (practical life), Raphaëlle Marchal (plate and terroir), Arnaud Caucal (nutrition), Rodolphe Bonnasse (conso), Caroline Munoz (house, gardening), Roland Perdez (legal), Sandrine Arcizet (animals), Alexandra Fohrer (money), Annette Duhamel (recipes), Yoann Latouche (innovations), Antoni Ruiz (JT people) and Brigitte Milhau, face of CNews on weekends for health. Caroline Delage will also be back on TV news and ads elsewhere.

No new chronicle or no arrival therefore for a formula which has nevertheless proven its worth. If the first part had to face the mid-day news and was content to attract 0.8% of the public, the meeting from 13:35 has gained momentum by relying on 2.7% of 4-year-olds and more.

A performance equivalent to that of the last issues of the season in June, while William at noon continued as a best of until early July, replaced by Maigret. .

As a reminder, William at noon is produced by Enibas Productions, now owned by Arthur. The latter also – in part – absorbed Ellimac Productions, Camille Combal’s production company on TF1. This context highlights the differences between Arthur and Cyril Hanouna. So far as to jeopardize the future of C8’s midday magazine?

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