Not among the favorites, Stephen Curry deserves to be the MVP of the NBA season according to Magic Johnson.

Magic Johnson is not known for taking radical positions on Twitter. On the contrary, the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers is rather renowned for his relatively flat posts. That’s why his tweet about Stephen Curry and the MVP trophy comes as a surprise.

Concretely, the point guard of the Golden State Warriors is the MVP according to Magic Johnson. If he’s having a big season, he’s clearly not the favorite. He is even far in the discussions behind Nikola Jokic and other Joel Embiid. The fault of the classification of his team or because he really brings less to his team than what others bring to theirs?

Because what it is night after night is impressive. And sometimes even monstrous. This is what prompts the Hall of Famer to see him as the league’s most “valuable” player:

“It’s hard to deny that Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP! He’s the # 1, # 2 and # 3 option for the Warriors and DESPITE EVERYTHING he dominates, “Buck posted.

Itâ € ™ s hard to deny Steph Curry from being the NBAâ € ™ s MVP! He is the # 1, # 2, and # 3 option for the Warriors and is STILL dominating !!

And while voters may not be sympathetic to the argument, it’s hard to prove it wrong. Stephen Curry is the only threat in his team. Opponents know who they can focus on in their overall defense. And yetâ ?? ¦

And yet, he plants more points than in his “Unanimous MVP” season (31 against 30.1). His skill is slightly lower, but he’s still 49.1% on shots and 42.7% on three-pointers. So, we repeat, he is the only real offensive threat to his team.

The race for an MVP often comes down to playing the best player on one of the best teams. But if we take the term “valuable” in the strict sense, a totally isolated player in a bogus roster can potentially bring as much to his team as the best player from the best team.

Or less. Or more. It doesn’t matter. Either way, Stephen Curry deserves a mention in the discussion. Some might think that Magic Johnson is getting carried away. Maybe rightly. But a triple NBA MVP and triple Finals MVP knows what the word “valuable” means. And can afford a little twitteresque provocation to remind that the Warrior has absolutely nothing to envy – except a full complement and without injuries – to anyone this season.

The day Magic Johnson dared to provoke Michael Jordan… He never did it again!