If Thierry Ardisson can interview everyone, even personalities who have died thanks to his new show L’Hôtel du temps, there is little chance that he will ever find himself facing Franck Dubosc again. The host has indeed become “persona non grata” on the side of the actor after an interview that did not go as planned. So much so that the actor and comedian would have simply decided never to accept an invitation again from the man nicknamed “The Man in Black”. Invited this Wednesday on France Inter, Thierry Ardisson returned to their last meeting which changed everything between them. “At the end of C8, I receive Franck Dubosc. That was the end of Hello Earthlings. And so the press secretary said to me: ‘I hope you don’t go talk to him about the Yellow Vests’. I said, ‘Why?’ And she said, ‘No, be nice, he just had a thing with the Yellow Vests, Franck. Don’t mess around, “says Thierry Ardisson.

But this request, far from being heard, prompted the host to set foot in the dish and directly address this subject which was yet taboo. “Franck arrives and I say to him: ‘But why your press officer told me not to tell you about the Yellow Vests?’ The girl comes to see me at the end of the show and she says: ‘You have well understood, you will never have it again. ”, he continues before attacking the communication strategies of the personalities. “It means that now everything is negotiated a lot in advance with the press officers. Once they’re there, they’re terrorized by social media, so the business is dead, the real talk show. Afterwards, we can do promotion ”.

As a reminder, Franck Dubosc was at the heart of a controversy in 2019 after supporting the Yellow Vests before publicly retracting, saying they were “too hateful”. “To be honest, after that, I had the opportunity to meet them a lot. The real ones, not the ones I left, but the ones I loved at the start. I met them, and we talked, a lot, everything worked out. (…) May the first who has never changed his mind throw stone at me, “Franck Dubosc had confided in 2019 in Salut les terrens.

Franck Dubosc makes rare confidences about his “complicated” relationship with his deceased father

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