Dana Virin is 22 years old and is from Sainte-Suzanne. A student in Saint-Denis, she aspires to become a manager in the banking sector and teach at the same time at the University of Reunion. Miss Reunion? She has dreamed of it since she was a child, hence the torrents of tears when the news broke.

“The election of Miss Reunion has always fascinated me and this since my earliest childhood, since I was 5 years old, she confided to the Journal de l’Ile a few weeks ago. The first Miss election that I have watched until the end was that of Raïssa Boyer in 2006, and since then I haven’t missed one! Every year, I asked my parents to take me to see the new Miss elected to take a photo or receive an autograph . Last year, again, I attended the parade of the promotion of Lyna Boyer without imagining for a moment that I would participate one day “.

Manager in the banking sector.
Well done! We escaped doctors, lawyers or humanitarian work.
In fact, it will be TV, show bisness or Fort Boyard.
The main thing is that she made her childhood dream come true.
What emotion!

she deserves to win over the others .. because frankly this year does not fly high whether the candidates are the singers (disaster for the ears) a host who inflates us (stop taking you for a great) a former Miss Florence arghnite which made the mouth or maybe farted it .. and a satiating aziz patel (think of taking vitamin) and so on .. I will stop the otherwise I will attract the wrath of the people protecting the cause 😂😂😂

Well done for her, it was not my favorite, my I “jury” the chosen one; For Reunion, it has the local color, but for Miss France, it will not be the same thing, we will have to change our look, otherwise not much chance of being in the top 10!

Originally from … Are you sure? Where is she today?
I believe she is from the said rural commune … not … native!
Happy for her and especially for her mother and her father (teacher … recently deserved retirement …
Especially that she does not let go of her vocation … her thirst to store up knowledge and then to pass it on to our Reunionese youth!
She can go very far in this adventure … Miss France?
She deserves this title of Miss Reunion 2021 … She is really remarkable, and we noticed her: last night …

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