Six years after his last show, Gad Elmaleh returns with “from elsewhere”. A one-man-show more intimate than ever, everything goes there: fifty, celibacy, Monaco and her relationship with Charlotte Casiraghi. We woke him up at coffee time.

The voice a little rocky, just awake, Gad Elmaleh was the guest of 6-9 France Bleu Alsace.
At just 7:15 am, the comedian took the opportunity to drink coffee with us. The machine was a little noisy, but the conversation was very entertaining.

The comedian launches his tour with his latest show, “from elsewhere”. Six after his last one-man, it’s a Gad Elmaleh – freshly in his fifties – that we are pleased to find.
The famous “cap of the fiftieth” that the comedian fully assumes even if he admits today to having a very holy rhythm of life “I no longer drink alcohol, admits the comedian. It’s terrible to say that in Alsace where I drank incredible wines. But sometimes I celebrated things without knowing what I was celebrating “laughs the artist.

Gad Elmaleh knows Alsace well, his grandmother lived in Strasbourg.
He remembers having spent very good times there, especially during the Christmas markets: “Kid, I was hallucinated by what happened there, remembers the comedian. It was something very beautiful, it’s really fantastic and Strasbourg is magnificent ”.

If in his show, Gad Elmaleh deals with his private life, without any complex, he indulges in a few moments of improvisation.
Moments of letting go which – in reality – are not really “there is no freedom to improvise without a starting point or an end point, explains the actor. You almost have to have a journey in your head” .

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