Tonight, on the night of Monday September 20 to Tuesday September 21, the Full Moon placed under the sign of the Pisces, also called the Full Harvest Moon because it allows farmers to extend their working day, will illuminate the sky.

Pisces is a passionate, generous, and sensitive water sign with a boundless imagination. This full moon will therefore make us more creative, more intuitive, but will also trigger a very emotional period, particularly powerful for empaths. It invites us to connect with our unconscious and our deep aspirations. As the sign of Pisces is linked to healing, now is the perfect time to let go of the negative energies that clutter us up and heal spiritually and emotionally. .TO

A particularly useful cleaning before Mercury’s retrograde on September 27, which casts the shadow of heavy nostalgia. By pushing us towards healing, forgiveness and liberation, this lunation, both full of empathy and magic, helps us to trust ourselves and to release our desires buried deep within our spirit.

Don’t panic if you don’t have time to practice tomorrow, the full moon energies are felt for 48 hours!

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