Eric Zemmour’s candidacy for the presidential election of 2022? At this stage, “a candidacy which is not really one” for Rachida Dati. Invited on the set of Jean-Jacques Bourdin this Friday, the mayor Les RÃ © publicains of the 7th arrondissement of Paris reacted to the polemicist’s positions.

Points of convergence on the substance therefore, but not on the form. Nevertheless, the candidacy of the polemicist could well represent a danger for the right, and sow confusion among the hardline electorate of the Republicans.

To the point that the candidate for the LR primary Eric Ciotti is causing controversy by saying he prefers to vote Eric Zemmour than Emmanuel Macron in the event of a second round between the two men. The boss of the deputies of the party Damien Abad even qualified this Thursday Eric Zemmour of “unpinning grenade” aiming at “blowing up the right”.

Especially since the right in question can not find its candidate for 2022, nor even to agree on the establishment of primaries, or not. While the leaders of the political camp were keen to show themselves united during a meal on parliamentary days, Rachida Dati believes that the goal today is to arrive at a single candidacy.

“There is indeed the idea of ​​the primary, we will ask the question on September 25 to our militants, they will choose to set up a primary in our political family, or not.” Response after the 25th therefore for a possible Republicans primary. With Rachida Dati candidate? Not to join the presidential race anyway.

Asked also about the case of Xavier Bertrand who said he did not want to submit to the exercise of the primary, Rachida Dati ensures that the president of Hauts-de-France must explain publicly what is the best configuration for the right to line up behind one and the same candidate.

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