The story takes place in London, in a recording studio, in August 1968. Paul McCartney attacks on the piano the chords of a new song, Hey Jude. He doesn’t realize that Ringo has gone to the bathroom. It happens when you are well focused on your work, like Paul.

Then the Beatles drummer takes his place in front of his bass drum. He grabs his chopsticks and wedges as best he can in the piece left without him. This first take opens with about fifty seconds without battery. It will be used in the final version for posterity, leaving Ringo off limits. Paul will make amends while turning the situation around for his own benefit. According to him, this absence of Ringo was “magic”.

That is true. Hey Jude hits the radios a few days after this episode. That summer, Manchester City is champion and Maine Road, then the Etihad, make it resonate in their spans until today. A friend who mixes balloon and music with talent says it very well: what a crazy song, anyway.

So Hey Jude is also the anthem of all those, like Ringo, to whom we say: “But what would we do without you? », Whereas we do very well without them. The excluded, the suspended, the injured, the hardcovers, the relegated, the eliminated, the Benzemas, the Cantonas, the probable and the possible, the too late or the too early, the too old, too expensive, too dead, too small , too stupid, too clever, the unspeakable, the inadmissible, the fallen from the cupboard and the taken out of the cupboard, the jumps of the train, the remained in the bus, the off-track, offside, out of time, out suddenly, on the sidelines or in the shower … And if ever tomorrow evening the few thousand Sky Blues fans admitted to the Dragon stadium in Porto sing Hey Jude before the kick-off against Chelsea, we will also listen the silence of the battery.

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