After a more than disappointing Ascension weekend, with lots of rain and freshness, what will happen to this extended Pentecost weekend? In a few words, it will be less worse but still not spring …

Despite a temporary improvement on Thursday, the start of the week was generally gray, unstable and cool, just like last Ascension weekend. For a while now, France has not been able to get rid of this unstable westerly current, which brings temperatures too low for the season and repeated showers.

The Pentecost weekend is approaching, and with it the often non-working Monday. This will be the first weekend with the terraces open! Will we really be able to benefit from it? What weather conditions await us between Saturday and Monday? What are the regions with the best weather? Response elements…

On Friday, a rainy front will form between the Gironde and the south of Alsace, passing through Auvergne and Jura. This rainy front will shift overnight from Friday to Saturday towards the Alps, bringing snow to around 1800 m on the reliefs. During this time, in connection with the very active trolling on the northern half, the wind will still blow strongly during the night on the Hauts-de-France, the Paris basin and the Grand-Est.

After a rather bright Saturday morning, the showers will soon return from the west and north around midday. In the afternoon, the showers will be very frequent along the coast of the Channel, to the Paris basin and Hauts-de-France. Some may take on a stormy character and be accompanied by strong gusts of wind.

On the rest of the country, especially from the southwest to the northeast through the central regions, we must also expect stormy showers, interspersed with some clearings. Only the Mediterranean rim will escape instability, with a slightly hazy sun. The temperatures will be stationary, always very low for the season.

The weather should be fairly good over most of the country on Sunday morning, before a little instability returns in the afternoon. Showers will be possible over a large north-western quarter, but to a much lesser extent than on Saturday. On the eastern facade and a large south-eastern quarter, the weather will remain dry with beautiful sunny spells. Temperatures will be slightly higher compared to Saturday but will still remain too fair for the end of May.

During the afternoon, the sky will darken more and more over Brittany, in connection with a new disturbance which will sweep the north-west of the country the following night …

We will find the rainy disturbance on Monday morning from the Vendée to the northern borders. It will move in the afternoon from the Gironde to the northeast through the central regions. At the rear, showers will be possible, while at the front, the weather will still be calm over a large south-eastern quarter before the onset of downpours in the evening. The wind will once again be there, locally strong near the Channel coast and over the northern half.

Note that during the night from Monday to Tuesday, locally heavy rains could affect the south-east. It is to be confirmed by then …

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