SANTA CLARA – One by one, the 49ers entered the media podium with a somber expression, soft tones and resigned sighs after losing 30-28 to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday evening.

“You are always aware of that. It’s busy but the music box tries to keep it as low as possible. With a guy like Aaron, you never know what can happen in 30 seconds or so. You tap your hat.

“We were in a good rhythm. You stand on the line. The defense is on your tail. Do you let her catch her breath? If a guy plays like that, you won’t get angry when he hits. ”

“We tried to screen pass. Running back got stuck in line. Got caught throwing. Guy hit my arm. Unfortunate call from the referee as a fumble. ”

“We had opportunities to get passports, basically like runs. We didn’t get into the rhythm offensively, didn’t implement any early thirds downs. The time of possession was in their favor early on and that puts your defense in a difficult position. We fought our way back in the end, but you don’t want to be in the situation you started in. ”

“I have a lot on my mind out there. We have nice packages with Trey and it went well when we got him in there tonight. ”

“You messed it up a bit. Wasn’t something we weren’t ready. We knew we had to earn it. The big chunk was hard to come by tonight. In the second half you saw the guys fighting hard and that’s what you want to see. ”

“In the replay it looked like he played one hell of a game. Ball felt good when it came from my hand. Didn’t see it, got hit. Nice game from this guy. ”

“He played a great game. He was asked a lot this evening that he was not used to. It’s the nfl, every week gets difficult, but you have to love them. ”

“I didn’t have much time to think about it. The whole team swarmed around me and I didn’t know how much time there was left. It wasn’t in my head during the game. We were 6 down and needed a touchdown. ”

“I definitely thought let’s try to score a touchdown.” We did a good job slowing down the pace after leaving midfield and realizing that it wasn’t the usual two-minute period Situation was. We did a good job reducing it to about 30 seconds. Hats off to you. They had a couple of big games and that’s all it takes sometimes. ”

“You had a good plan for us and did a good job. We usually get ahead of the game on offense and they had a good plan to end that and play inside, with the penetration making the guys jump. ”

“Maybe that has something to do with it. Even if they are doing “the same offense”, we carry it out very differently. They play a bit in pairs, but not nearly as much as we do. ”

“For a certain amount, yes, I knew I would get more opportunities because we were so thin on the back burner and had to change things to keep (the Packers) busy. I didn’t know that the last games of the game would matter. ”

“We have so many guys who can do things once they have the ball in hand. We don’t have to run a classic offensive with a classic halfback. If we can find a way to get them the ball, we can do special things. ”

“That would have been a really big win. Green Bay is a good team, has been to the NFC championship (two) times in a row. A deficit of 17-0 and in prime time would have been a big win. We’re not all crushed here. It’s early in the season, we’ve shown we can fight, lost 17-0 and didn’t blink.

“We saw last week that all the momentum was at Philly, then a big game from Deebo and we’re in the lead at halftime. The NFL is insane. Sometimes it’s good to have experience in close matches and for guys to feel it, young guys to get the experience. I always see the positives and have the feeling that we will come back better for it. ”

Of course it feels good to play behind Trent and our offensive line made it really easy.

“No, it’s the same as last week and week before. We practice, but there is no rhyme or reason. Well there is rhyme and reason. I stay ready. ”

“No, during the game I stick to the tight ends and my quarterback coach as guys getting in and out. I have no idea when I’ll come into play. My job is to stay ready. ”

On Garoppolo’s back pass, then drives the length of the field, what did that show you

“Jimmy is a super tough guy. He showed that today and fought his way through a lot. Lots of guys kept us in this game. Right now I’m trying to take on my role and learn as much as possible. Jimmy is a great guy. ”

“I had a lot of confidence in our defense and will continue to do so. He is special and has directed some big games.

“I do everything to be prepared so that I am ready when I go into these situations, and they are prepared for that.”

“Of course we tell each other that we have to win this game and it’s all up to us. We take it one game at a time and we obviously didn’t make it.

“The thing that stands out the most is knowing that I could have sealed the game in this one game. I’ll see how I could have played better. There are a couple of games I want to get back from this game. ”

“We’re talking about the 24 hour rule, take a look at yourself and see how you can get better. I have to play for this team, especially at this moment. If you want to point your finger, point at me. ”

“He used to close gthrows or get PI calls. They stayed on schedule throughout the game. We didn’t get high enough. ”

“Not so good. We had a lot of chances to end the game on defense, so it’s hard.”

“It’s tough, but week after week. We have a lot more football and if we are going where we want to go we have to get rid of it quickly.

“They tried to rely on their players in 2019. In this game, they definitely got the guys into doubling down and chipping a lot.”

“Of course they didn’t want things to go the way it did in 2019. They made adjustments and didn’t give us that many options. We had opportunities and just didn’t take advantage of it. ”

“Just keep rolling, putting them in thirds-and-longs where he needs to hold them. Just have to reset. ”

I was just celebrating the moment. An incredible play by Juice that breaks two tackles and brings the ball into the end zone. If there’s too much time on the clock, it’s always with Aaron Rodgers. I don’t have to worry when our defense is on the field. It’s Aaron Rodgers, Adams, the playmakers and they did what they had to do to win. ”

“I trust trainers Shanahan and Mike McDaniel to avoid that next time. Many defenses will try to implement this (packer) scheme. ”

“Must have, to …. When you ride the climax of a profit or mourn a loss, you have to flush it after 24 hours. We have to focus on the Seahawks because they will keep it up after a loss too . ”

“Physical wide receiver. He will do anything to get YAC. Deebo has grown. It has been added to his route tree. He did a great job attacking the ball like the last third. You need people who play games like this to win Sunday night football games. We have a really good offensive. Couldn’t get our swing going.

“The damn soccer player. Works off his tail. Never complain. Get the ball when he gets the ball. Excited that he got this opportunity because he deserves it. ”

“Call her. They did plays. Adams did plays. Aaron Rodgers was Aaron Rodgers. Call your trainer as well. ”

“We could have done better. But I’m proud of my boys. We just finished shortly.

“Yeah, I know how to hit pretty well. I led with my shoulder. There was no flag. I always lead with my shoulder. Bang-bang game. I’m glad there wasn’t a flag. Call the referees. ”

Surprised by Adams’ return?
“No, he’s a competitor. I’m glad it wasn’t a serious injury. He helped them finish the game. Proud of this guy. ”

“On to the next one. It’s been a long season. Hard loss. There are a lot of games that we could have cleaned up and made better. We have to go to the movie room, try to correct mistakes and get a win next week. ”

“We didn’t have a big problem (with communication). It’s soccer. It’s hard to be perfect. ”

“We just got closer coverage, tried to mix things up, to cover up more. Aaron Rodgers is a smart quarterback who has been doing this for a long time. ”

“Who knows, I’m always ready when something like this happens. I’m glad it didn’t happen and I can stay in my natural position. ”

“We had a few different looks, but it really depends on us. As a whole, we can be better on the offensive, and I can read and press my blockages better. ”

In week 1 bench press:
“I didn’t know what to expect but was ready to go when my number was called. I control what I can control. ”

“Just play our game and get back to what we do best. We had to get the running game going and I felt like we were doing that. ”

“I just have to come to work every day and try to get better. I control what I can control. As long as I feel better and feel better, the sky is the limit. ”

“It was pretty frustrating. Felt good and then it happened. I knew I was fine and I could play again. ”

“Just stay locked up and just break up. It’s about who is doing the right thing longer. The more I learn and get better, the more I play the game and be efficient, the better I and the team get. ”

“I go to every game and I know my job. It was no different from any other week. I control what I can control. ”

“I’m going back to work this week. Look at the tape for the next 24 hours, go ahead and try to get better. ”

“All I know is that we have to put drives and third downs together, don’t give the ball back to Aaron Rodgers.”

“We didn’t have a choice. We had players on the offensive and we have to do that. We knew what to do. ”

“I mean, you know, the game isn’t over with this quarterback. I wouldn’t say a bad feeling so far. Like I said, Aaron Rodgers. ”

“I don’t think it affects us at all. With every receiver and quarterback in camp and practice, we had great chemistry with both quarterbacks. When Trey walks in, I don’t think it’s any different with any recipient. ”Related Articles

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