Are you more of a seafood or capon team at Christmas? Smoked salmon or chocolate truffles? Every family has its own little habits during the Christmas holidays. The same goes for the British royal family. Find out what they are used to enjoying during their Christmas dinner.

Each year, members of the Royal Family gather at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. They spend several days together enjoying the Christmas festivities. One of the highlights is, of course, the lunch on December 25. On this occasion, for years the family tasted the same menu. Thus Darren McGrady, the former chef described in 2016 to the British magazine Hello! the menu he used to serve the queen and her guests.

Know that Kate Middleton, Prince William and the rest of the family enjoy shrimp or lobster as a starter. For the main course, they taste the traditional Christmas turkey stuffed with sage, onion and chestnut. As an accompaniment, they enjoy roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, parsnips and Brussels sprouts. Finally, concerning the dessert, the family has again opted for the tradition. The result: a Christmas pudding. The latter was prepared by the Queen’s staff during Stir-up Sunday which designates the last Sunday before the Advent period.

This year the festivities should be much less funny for the whole British royal family, starting for Queen Elizabeth II herself … The global pandemic and the arrival of the new Omicron variant would have convinced the queen not to go to the Sandringham estate for Christmas this year. A decision that we guess difficult when we know that it is also the first Christmas that she will spend without her husband, Prince Philip, who died in the spring.

She therefore remains in Windsor where various members of the royal family will come to keep her company for the next few days. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have chosen to stay in California with their two children for Christmas. Kate and William will be doing a Christmas movie marathon as usual with their three children. Hoping that Christmas next year will take place in better conditions.

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