Orange for victims of rape, domestic or intra-family violence, and blue for victims of other crimes. The Orléans police station recently put up this signage, which appears to split the police station queue in two, according to the photo accompanying Gerald Darmanin’s tweet on Friday.

The measure, intended to better support victims of violence, arouses indignant reactions on the social network, some Internet users believing that it will dissuade the complainants from going to the police station.

Feminicide of Mérignac: the police officer who took the complaint of Chahinez had been convicted of domestic violence

Tracking in the Alpes-Maritimes: a “body corresponding” to the fugitive suspected of feminicide found

Feminicide of Bordeaux: “It’s not fair, she wrote to the prosecutor”

Feminicides: “Government measures are going in the right direction, but much remains to be done”

Eager to meet her grandchildren, Meghan Markle’s father is threatening to take his daughter and Prince Harry to court in order to obtain visitation rights.

Here are all the best tips so that your eyeshadow does not fade over the course of the day!

Premenopause, hormonal changes, after 40, losing weight is not always easy. Here are our tips for successfully losing a few pounds.

Claire, participant of the tenth season of L’Amour est dans pré, announced that she is pregnant on the Instagram account that she shares with her husband Sébastien, on Friday July 23, 2021. Very good news, one year after the death of their son Mathis.

Sarah Poniatowski returned to the pages of Elle magazine, published on Friday July 23, 2021, on her divorce from singer Marc Lavoine.

Geneviève Delpech, the widow of Michel Delpech, told the Parisian, Thursday, July 22, 2021, that the singer bequeathed her his heritage, but also tax debts that she had to repay.

Married to Aziza, a pretty young woman 21 years his junior, Francky Vincent let burst his joy in the columns of France Sunday in newsstands on Friday July 23, 2021. Find out who is the one who has shared his life since 2018.

Victim of a serious heart attack on June 12, 2021, during a Euro match, Christian Eriksen could not play football again … at least in Italy. The Team reported on July 22, 2021, that it would be impossible for him to operate on a field with a defibrillator.

Died at the age of 64 on Thursday, July 22, 2021 in Vannes, comedian Jean-Yves Lafesse announced that he had undertaken a brand new project on Monday, July 5, 2021 on Facebook, for which he had even launched a pot on Leetchi.

In an interview with conservative American news channel Fox News on Thursday, July 22, 2021, Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle threatened to sue his daughter if she prevents him from seeing her grandchildren.

Evicted from the TV movie project on the life of Marc-Olivier Fogiel after having made controversial remarks about surrogacy, Véronique Genest gave a rant in the pages of Télé Star, Friday July 23, 2021.

Nelson Monfort underlined the unique atmosphere that reigns in Tokyo, at the Olympic Games 2020. The sports journalist, interviewed by Sud Radio on Friday July 23, 2021, explained that the host city has hardly communicated about the holding of the competition.

Eglantine Eméyé let out a little cry as she commented on the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, broadcast on France 2 on Friday, July 23, 2021.

Which driver is behind Miss France 2021? This Friday July 23, 2021, Amandine Petit will answer questions on the Highway Code of the Grand Quizz, broadcast from 9:05 p.m. on TF1. If the young woman talks about her driving habits, she remains discreet about her love life … which she intends to keep private.

Rising host of the TF1 group, Hélène Mannarino hosts the new front page show “Le Grand Quiz”, on Friday July 23, 2021. A first for the 30-year-old journalist with an already full CV.

Incredible ! Friday July 23, 2021, Bruno won his 7th mysterious star in the game Les 12 coups de midi on TF1. If he equalizes the record of the show, he told Télé-Loisirs that he had struggled to overcome this ordeal.

The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games kicked off this Friday, July 23 with the opening ceremony, broadcast on France 2. An event during which the French delegation stood out for its showmanship.

Philippe Etchebest had to close his Bordeaux restaurant Le Quatrième Mur on Thursday, July 22, 2021, after the appearance of “several cases of Covid suspicion” among his employees. He announced the news the same day on the establishment’s website.

The documentary Teddy Riner, the quest, broadcast by France 2 on July 22, 2021, was an opportunity to dive into the intimacy of the judoka. And to learn more about the fatherhood desires of the champion “who tanned” his wife to have a second child.