Since Thursday, the Hungarian capital has hosted the fourth “International Demographic Summit”, organized every two years in Budapest. A flagship meeting of European hard rights, presented as a “platform for decision-makers” to “develop common solutions” to preserve “the family, the most important fundamental utility”, according to the website of the forum. Friday, it will be the turn of the French columnist Eric Zemmour to speak at the forum of this summit. A trip that will be scrutinized from France, both the polemicist, who is still not declared as a candidate for the presidential election of 2022, is getting closer every day.

This is not a first for the polemicist. He goes to this summit organized by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban since 2015. He went to the previous edition, in 2019, to hold a conference on migration in Europe alongside the former president Nicolas Sarkozy. This time, Eric Zemmour must meet face-to-face with the Hungarian leader, whom he praised on Twitter on Tuesday “a leader who splits the identity of his country, its sovereignty and its borders”.

The director of the school Issep Marion Maréchal, who sees Eric Zemmour as a “friend”, is also traveling to the Magyar capital. These two French politicians join an audience of nearly 70 speakers, including European leaders and former American vice-president Mike Pence.

On the first day of this meeting, Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attacked “attacks (against the family) of the Western left (which relies) on the LGBT and gender lobby”. One way to justify the anti-LGBT measures taken by his government, the latest one consisting in banning “the promotion and representation of homosexuality” among those under 18.

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