“But my name is … Wejdene!” It was with these words repeated almost 100 million times, in playgrounds and especially on the TikTok platform that really propelled this young girl then only 16 years old. In full confinement, in 2020, thanks to her tube Anissa, she takes a prominent place in the landscape of French RnB. Quickly, Wejdene becomes the idol of young people and multiplies the successes. Followed by more than 2.3 million people on Instagram, it exceeds its competitors who arrived before it, such as Marwa Loud or Eva Queen.

It is undoubtedly for her popularity and her influence with young people that she will be chosen by TF1 to participate in the eleventh season of Dancing with the Stars.

But if the young girl from Seine-Saint-Denis has multiplied the bonuses with very pretty outfits, and a smile on her lips. She will be leaving the show on Friday, October 22, a surprise elimination that will fuel many rumors. And for good reason, the next day, Wejdene deleted all his Instagram posts and posted a subliminal message: “It was cool but … forget me”

While the subject has fueled all kinds of rumors and speculation since Wejdene’s abrupt exit from DALS, one piece of information is shedding light on the situation.

Blogger Aqababe is speaking this Thursday, October 28. Known for his fresh news that sometimes shakes up the reality TV world, the young man managed to secure a vocal note from one of the members of the Dance with the Stars production. And the least we can say is that the revelations come overwhelming the 17-year-old singer.

This person who works directly on the set where Wejdene was rehearsing with his dancer, apparently at the end of his rope.

It’s nothing new that Wejdene is doing this princess, she’s 17 years old and it just went to her head. He did well to tell her what everyone thinks it will maybe put her feet on the ground a little bit. #wejdene #aqababe # DALS11 pic.twitter.com/oAW2cbjp5e

During a rehearsal before the Friday bonus, Wejdene’s attitude would have greatly displeased his dancer, Samuel Texier, who decided to tell him frankly what many people were whispering:

“You’re a bitch, you’re a bitch, remember you’re 17 and you can quit overnight.” Indeed, the dancer of the one who quickly became the idol of her generation did not go dead hand in reminding her that if she was a dazzling success “everything can stop overnight”

Truths that do not please the main interested party: Wejdene would then have displayed an even more closed and hermetic attitude.

Worse, she would even “refuse to dance”. According to the production member still interviewed by Aqababe: “She got eliminated and now she’s making her mourners on the networks.”

Recall that according to information from Clément Garin, columnist on TPMP, Wejdene would have complained to the production, in tears, after the clash she had with her dancer. A fact confirmed by Cyril Hanouna this Tuesday, October 26 in Touche pas à mon poste.

Apparently, during this famous bonus, Wejdene would have done the minimum living on the set during his last performance. Maybe the real reason why she will have left the program for good?

Ref: https://fr.blastingnews.com