France is located between an anticyclone positioned over central Europe and a depression in the Atlantic, channeling a flow from south to south-west over all of our regions, bringing heat but also thunderstorms.

This Monday, the sun prevails over ¾ of the country, despite a stormy development expected in the mountains in the afternoon, especially in the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Alps.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the weather will be summery with heat in the afternoon. But in the west, the sky will become threatening with a risk of thunderstorms which will increase in the evening over the Aquitaine basin. A few more scattered stormy showers are also expected over the Massif Central and the Alps, as well as numerous sea entrances to Languedoc-Roussillon, driven by a sensitive sea wind. The Autan will blow quite hard in its area.

On Wednesday, heavy and stormy weather in the afternoon will affect a large western half of the country. North of the Seine to Rhône-Alpes, the sun will persist in a heavy atmosphere in the afternoon.

On Thursday, the situation will change little with the maintenance of heavy and sometimes stormy weather in the afternoon over a large part of the country. Rare heat storms will be possible over the Alps and the Massif Central. A small north-western third will find less unstable weather under variable skies.

Friday, sun and heat should prevail in the east of France while in the west, new storms could rise from the Pyrenees to the coast of the Channel.

Tuesday will be the hottest day of the start of the week nationally, before thunderstorms; we expect 25 to 30 ° C from north to south. Then the weather will become stormy and despite the drop in temperatures, the feeling will be quite heavy. At the end of the week, it will again be very hot in the east, up to 30 ° C, before the return of new thunderstorms for next weekend.

Every Thursday, the 4-week weather trend is updated. The latter presents the most probable weather scenario for the next four weeks until June 27.

This week marks the start of the meteorological summer, with heat. A heat that will gradually turn to storm over many regions.

While temperatures are returning to color at the end of May, after weeks of cool and humid weather over our country, many of you are asking us if the month of June could present a risk of heatwaves, especially since some models of Seasonal forecasts envision a hot, dry summer. To date, some answers are emerging for this first month of meteorological summer.