Like every Friday, the 13 Hours of France 2 takes you to a corner of France to make you discover a majestic place. Report in Ungersheim (Haut-Rhin) to discover Alsatian houses.

The village of Ungersheim (Haut-Rhin) resembles all the villages of yesteryear with its mill, town hall and half-timbered houses. However, this Alsatian village is not inhabited. If people allow themselves to enter without knocking on doors, it is because the village is, in reality, a museum. All the houses have been rehabilitated, as at the time. “In one day, I have the impression of reliving a period of my youth, when I went to my grandparents,” says a passerby.

This idea of ​​recreating an Alsatian village was born in 1970 when lovers of half-timbered houses decided to dismantle and reassemble houses from different villages identically. To furnish them, the members of the Alsace ecomuseum drew on a collection of 10,000 old objects, including clothing, furniture and even cars. Thanks to the ecomuseum, certain trades manage to last over time, such as that of the blacksmith. “In Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), a few kilometers away, you can do many other activities. During the month of September, there is a street-art festival in particular”, explains from Strasbourg, Angélique Etienne, journalist at France Televisions.

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