The sky is generous with rain over some regions of the country in September. After a scorching summer, autumn is setting in before its due in some parts of the country. Today, September 08, 2021, the National Meteorological Office has indeed announced that a rainstorm is expected over several Algerian wilayas.

the National Meteorological Office, in a yellow alert alert, today affirmed that stormy rains will fall on the wilayas of Tiaret, El Bayadh, Naama, Laghouat, Bà © char, Djelfa, M’Sila, Ouled Djellal, Bordj Bou Arrà © ridj, Bouira, Khenchela, Biskra, Constantine, Oum Lebouagui, Batna, Mila, Guelma, Jijel, Souk Ahras, Tà © bessa, Sà © tif and Bà © jaia .

Over the central and eastern regions of the country, the ONM expects the passage of clouds near the coastal regions, they may become denser from the following day. s midday, which will likely result in thunderstorm rains. In the highlands and the Aures, partly cloudy weather is expected, however isolated thunderstorm foci are expected in the afternoon.

The sky will be clear to partially veiled over the eastern, northern, southwestern regions and in the oasis regions of the Algerian Sahara. Stormy rains are also expected, especially in Bechar and in the northern Sahara.

With regard to temperatures, the national meteorological office has announced that a mercury oscillating between 28 and 37 degrees is expected on the coastal regions of the countries, while on the wilayas of the interior, the thermometer will indicate temperatures which vary between 29 and 39 degrees. Finally in the southern regions of the country, temperatures will vary between 36 and 46 degrees.

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