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Author: Sophie Wiessler

In the Greater Region

Updated 11/26/21 6:41 PM | Posted on 11/26/21 6:41 PM

Throughout the weekend, rainy and snowy disturbances are expected in the department. In particular, the areas of Thionville and Pays Haut, Saint-Avold and Pays de Bitche will be affected by the snowy episodes of the night.

The Prefect of Moselle also recalls that motorists driving in certain municipalities in the country of Bitche and the country of Sarrebourg (the list of municipalities affected by this obligation can be found here) must equip their vehicle with removable anti-slip devices (chains or socks). ), or four winter tires between November 1 and March 31.

A similar obligation in Luxembourg, which requires the wearing of winter tires, as soon as the weather situation deteriorates.

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Author: Julien Mollereau

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Updated 11/27/21 9:33 PM | Posted on 11/21/21 9:33 PM

Author: Charles Michel

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Updated 11/27/21 19:43 | Posted 11/27/21 7:43 PM

Author: Denis Bastien

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Updated 11/27/21 3:44 PM | Posted on 11/27/21 3:44 PM

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Updated 11/27/21 10:46 | Posted 11/27/21 10:46 AM

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