This weekend is gloomy. An oceanic disturbance, rainy and windy, crosses Normandy this FRIDAY. Some snowfall may precede it north of the Seine. Under the clouds, the strong south-westerly flow will favor a marked increase in maximum temperatures.

The rain, durable and provided, is topical this weekend, initially more important in the West than in the East, where it will be preceded by some snowflakes, in the North of the Seine in particular.

On this gloomy morning, the south-westerly wind will be gusting for 40 to 60 km / h while negative values ​​will be numerous, for an average of 0 to -1 ° inland, 2 to 4 ° towards the coast. Météo France announces for midday an average of 2 to 6 ° in Normandy.

The mediocre weather persists and signs for the afternoon, just like the morning. The watering continues under a gray sky, swept by gusts of southwest, towards the shores as in the interior.

The marked flow will promote immediate warmth, materialized by maximum temperatures all equal to or greater than 10 °, up to 14 ° from St-Lô to Cherbourg.

SATURDAY the west to northwest wind will be strong: 50 to 70 km / h towards the beaches, in frequent, heavy showers; potentially stormy in the North. 2 ° min / 12 ° max.

SUNDAY, the weather will remain tormented by north-westerly gusts with precipitation which will subside by the evening. 2 ° min / 9 ° max.

The New Moon on SATURDAY will rule 3 days of high tides (coefficients equal to or greater than 100) with a peak of 103 for this episode.

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