– Stormy rains in the morning over the Cévennes departments and the south of the Massif-Central.

– A great morning sweetness, contrasting with the freshness of these last mornings north of the Loire.

A depression rises from the Bay of Biscay towards England. It brings in its wake a stormy front both from Languedoc to Burgundy and the north-east, as well as to the north-west with a return of occlusion. In the south-east, the Mediterranean flow leads to an episode of stormy rains, but that does not quite qualify as a Cevennes episode, because it does not quite present its intensity and duration.

In the north-west, after the stormy rains of the night, the weather remains very unstable in the morning especially in Lower Normandy, while the weather calms down in Brittany and Pays de la Loire. In the afternoon, clearings return, but thunderstorms still fall over Normandy. Temperatures are dropping.

Central regions and Ile-de-France: the weather is very mild, but unstable at the very beginning of the morning: do not be surprised to have good showers to go to the office or to school. Then, the clearings return, but they will be interspersed with further thunderstorm showers in the afternoon The feeling is a little heavy despite a drop in temperatures in the afternoon compared to the day before.

In the southwest, the weather is calmer and cooler after the overnight thunderstorms. The greyness is often present in the morning, then clearings break through in the afternoon. The risk of thunderstorms is low, except perhaps in the Limousin in the afternoon.

In the south-east, the weather is rather threatening, but we must distinguish Languedoc and the Cévennes from other regions. From the morning, stormy rains fall on the Hérault, the Gard and the Lozère, going up in the valley of the Rhone. Good intensities are expected during the day. But Roussillon, PACA and Corsica are not affected by these rains, despite a cloudy or hazy sky, and the persistence of the moderate sea wind in its area.

In the Center-East, the weather promises to be threatening with stormy rains which should increase in the afternoon, from the Rhône valley to Burgundy. the chronology of this degradation remains to be specified, however. It is still necessary to expect the arrival of rain in the afternoon.

In the east, the morning is still sunny and quickly warm, despite a clear sun. This hazy morning sky is the precursor of a stormy degradation which should arrive in the course of the afternoon, with storm in anticipation.

In a context marked by unstable weather since the beginning of this summer, thunderstorms will again mark the week in the south of France. They promise to be strong from time to time. This situation will lead our services to issue alerts on Monday evening.

This Monday, September 13, the wind is shifting to the south. It brings warmer weather than Sunday. In the afternoon, the atmosphere becomes muggy and will turn into a thunderstorm in some regions.

After a summer weekend, this week is marked by a change of weather. Indeed, the high pressures are withdrawing towards the north of Europe, jostled by a cold Portuguese drop. This cold drop arriving in a mass of warm air, it will bring an increasingly unstable weather with thunderstorms over a large part of the country.

Ref: https://actualite.lachainemeteo.com