The current temperatures, exceeding 30 ° C in parts of the UK, give the wrong to those who see England as the land of fog and rain.

Tuesday was a record breaking day for the English weather with 30.7 ° C in Gogerddan, Wales. While we do not complain about this Indian summer which consoles us for a gloomy August, we can nevertheless be concerned about this heat wave which has rarely occurred on the archipelago. These temperatures, out of the norm for September, had not been reached since 2016. According to the Met Office, this is only the seventh time in 50 years that the re-entry has been below 30 ° C. However, these high temperatures are more and more frequent since of these seven times, three have occurred since 2013.

The next few days will therefore unfold under the sign of good weather, particularly in the north and east of the country, with 28 ° C in London, Birmingham and Liverpool. These temperatures are close to the heatwave thresholds according to the Met Office. If the mercury does not come back down, meteorologists could well record an “official heat wave”.

However, these temperatures are far from equaling those, records, recorded in September 1906, which had climbed to 35.6 ° C.

The weather is expected to cool down by the end of the week, bringing rain and thunderstorms to some areas, including southwest England which will be on orange alert. From Wednesday, a danger of lightning and 30 to 50 mm of rain are expected in less than three hours. The north of England as well as Ireland and Wales have also been placed under yellow vigilance given the expected thunderstorms and the risk of flooding, lightning or hail.

A similar scenario is expected across the Channel, with temperatures reaching 31 ° C in Paris on Wednesday, September 8. Heavy rains are then expected to hit the whole country, sparing only the South East and Corsica.

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Current temperatures, exceeding 30 ° C in parts of the UK, give the wrong to those who see England as the land of fog and rain

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