After a particularly hot, suffocating, and deadly summer, the mercury begins to drop noticeably in several regions of the country. Autumn is fast approaching, and with it the rains which have already been present in several wilayas for some time. Today, the National Meteorological Office announced that thunderstorm activity will rain the skies in Algeria again.

Indeed, the ONM announced stormy rains for today, September 07, 2021, in several wilayas of the country. The ONM, via a yellow alert, said rain is expected in several wilayas in the west of the country.

These are the wilayas of Tlemcen, Sidi Bel Abbà © s, Tiaret, Naama, Laghouat, Bà © char, El Bayadh and Saida. These wilayas will be affected, again according to the same source, by a notable thunderstorm activity which will be accompanied by precipitation.

If the rain is at the rendezvous in some wilayas of the Algerian territory, in the rest of the country the sky remains clear. The summer climate continues, and more especially in the coastal regions, to the great happiness of late summer visitors who are present in force at the beaches.

Indeed, and still according to the ONM, fairly high temperatures are expected for today, September 07, 2021 in the wilayas of the north and the interior of the country. On the coastal wilayas, temperatures varying between 30 and 37 degrees are expected, while in the interior wilayas, the ONM has announced temperatures varying between 29 and 42 degrees. © s.

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