The Nîmes scholar and historian Eric Teyssier participates in the bicentary of the death of Napoleon this Wednesday at the Invalides in Paris and was the guest of 8:20 am this May 5 on France Bleu Gard Lozère.

A day of commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death is being organized this Wednesday, May 5 at the Invalides in Paris. For the Élysée, it is not a question of celebrating but of “looking in the face” the legacy left by the emperor, a controversial figure today.

“Napoleon did extraordinary things and in particular spread the ideas of the French Revolution.”

Eric Teyssier, author of the book Napoléon est retour !, an academic and historian from Nîmes, takes part in this day of commemoration. For him, “we must not judge Napoleon with the values ​​of our time, otherwise we do not understand anything, we must stop with his false polemics.”

The first outstanding work of Napoleon Bonaparte was written in the Gard: _Le Souper de Beaucaire_ written in Beaucaire in 1793 under the Terror. For Eric Teyssier, “the first stage of Napoleon’s epic begins here at home in the Gard”.

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