Jean-Pierre Pernaut does not have his tongue in his pocket and that is unlikely to change. Invited Tuesday, August 31 of “Touche pas à mon poste”, the emblematic former presenter of the 13h newscast of TF1 returned with the frankness that characterizes him on the interview of Professor Raoult which took place yesterday in the show by Cyril Hanouna on C8.

The husband of Nathalie Marquay, also present on the set of TPMP, showed all his admiration for the infectious disease specialist as media as controversial. “This guy is a world leader. Even if an administrator retires him, I don’t worry about his future, he will be in demand all over the world. He has discovered dozens of viruses, he has made thousands of publications. “, he first of all wished to recall.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut wanted to explain how the controversy around this professor was born, who split his environment by advocating his protocol based on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. And in the process, he cracked a small revelation: “Why the controversy was born? You never wondered why? This famous hydroxychloroquine … I do not know what is hydroxychloroquine, I know I have some at home just in case … “he blurted out, causing Cyril Hanouna’s astonishment. And to conclude: “Well yes! You have to treat yourself with something. We are there to be treated by the doctors, not only by the vaccines. The word treatment has not been pronounced for months, it is a little annoying! “, annoyed the ex journalist of TF1. A strong position that has the merit of frankness.