Six years later, Denis Safran still has tears in his eyes. On the evening of November 13, 2015, he was the first doctor to arrive at the Bataclan, while the terrorists were still there. At the time, the man was the chief medical officer of the search and intervention brigade (BRI). A role that placed him at the back of the column of men about to enter the auditorium. Under normal circumstances, he told CNews, his role would have been to follow the incident column, and immediately deal with police officers who might be injured. A role all the more preponderant as when entering, the column leader is very clear with his men: “The column leader opens the door, looks and says something that struck me and that I have. still in the ears: “we are going to go, we are not all going to come back” “, remembers Denis Safran. However, his boss urges him to stay behind. Already, in fact, the wounded are massing by ten in front of the entrances to the Bataclan. “Stay there, do what you have to do, you will come back afterwards”, orders the policeman to his chief doctor.

Denis Safran immediately gets to work. Armed with a simple pair of scissors, he cuts clothes, examines wounds, determines the most urgent cases. He also improvises himself as a stretcher bearer, with the idea of ​​using the metal barriers of the Bataclan to evacuate the dead and wounded. Faced with the staggering number of victims, the doctor immediately understands the scale of the tragedy: “I immediately see that the situation is dramatic”. Especially since by the time he begins to officiate, as these BRI colleagues take center stage, two of the three jihadists are still alive, and armed. No one knows if the place was trapped. But Denis Safran doesn’t have time to think about it. Before his eyes parade the wounded and the dead, so young. “What struck me the most,” he told CNews, particularly moved, “was the youth of the victims. [They] were all age or younger than my children. ” That evening, in the Bataclan, 90 people were killed by ISIS soldiers. The majority of them were under thirty.

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Denis Safran, chief medical officer of the BRI:” At the Bataclan, I immediately understand that the situation is going to be to be dramatic ”